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Hey Everyone!

Brad here from Web Traffic Takeover…

Have you ever tried to rank a website with absolutely no or slightly marginal success? Have you tried running Facebook ads in the past that absolutely didn’t perform and you ended up blowing through a ton of money?

What if I told you you’re making it too hard on yourself and that you really don’t need to be worrying day in and day out. You should be focusing on growing your business, not running it.

You see… I used to worry SO much about performing for my clients that I didn’t do anything (paralysis by analysis), vastly limiting my ability to scale my agency and make more money. It’s not until I let go of that fear that I truly started to grow (both my skill levels and my wallet).

Make no mistake, there still be work involved. You will need to put in time and effort, immersing yourself into your craft, but I can promise you this: once you do you will be able to build your agency like you never thought you could.

And we can help you do that! With over 20 years of combined SEO and Facebook ad agency experience Hernan, Mike, and I have been able to develop and replicate a systemized approach to traffic generation that has been tested in the toughest niches on the planet!

So who are we?

Hernan Vazquez: Mike and I met Hernan through Semantic Mastery. The way he was running his Facebook ads was like nothing we had ever seen before! I’ve purchased FB ad courses in the past (paying thousands of dollars to learn) and had experienced moderate success, but after just a few conversations with Hernan I knew I was already light years ahead of 90% of the ad buying community. And the best part is he is able to bring it down to a level that EVERYONE can understand.

Look… I love SEO, but at the end of the day what a client or affiliate manager really cares about (or should if they’re smart) is targeted traffic and a ton of leads. And that is exactly what Hernan is bringing to the table inside WTT - nearly instant targeted traffic that is almost infinitely scalable with the WTT system. And Hernan only operates in the absolute toughest niches (because that’s where the real money is) so every tactic he deploys is battle tested in the top 5 CPC niches available.

Keep in mind that Hernan charges based on ad spend (which we will cover inside Web Traffic Takeover) so that $161K you see above equates to over $24K recurring profit for his agency (And that’s just one client). Plus, if you do any type of client work, PPL (Pay Per Lead), or affiliate you’ll instantly be able to see how you can utilize these exact tactics to take your business beyond the next level.

With Hernan's additional input we have designed a system that allows near instant ROI and is easily repeatable in any allowed Markets.  Coupling our Three Pillar system with Facebook, Retargeting and other Methods has allowed Mike and me to experience the fastest growth of our careers.

Mike Pearse and Brad Mabry

Mike and I teamed up a few years ago after meeting at an SEO Mastermind Event. Mike is absolutely, hands down the best technical SEO practitioner on the planet, while I like to take a more simple (yet still wildly effective) approach.

Together we were able to create a new agency (from scratch) and scale it to six figures per month in under 5 months by applying our systemized approach to SEO and advanced traffic generation.

We take a no BS approach to SEO, clients and traffic generation, focusing on ROI based marketing and strive to provide premium results for clients, students, and our own cash generating websites.

Practice What You Preach...

Unlike a number of gurus out there we actually implement what we teach. I’m talking 10 hours or more a day, 7 days a week we are in the lab building affiliate, PPL, and client websites designed to make everyone a stack of cash. Don’t believe me? Just take a look…

And this is the EXACT system (the one we use to pull in high paying local and national clients and OVER deliver every time) we will be covering in our Web Traffic Takeover training modules and webinars every month.

STOP holding yourself back and START producing results today!

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Alex Gould Alex Gould, CPA Wealth Academy

This Stuff Really Works - What I learned from Mike changed the entire year for me and my family by adding income to my monthly reports.

Deborah Bradley Deborah Bradley, Boston SEO Geeks

It Was Awesome! They taught so much of real tangible value that I can take and use for clients and my own projects.

Web Traffic Takeover is revolutionizing the way our industry generates traffic online. Many of you have already seen what can be done on the SEO side and you've had a glimpse of what's possible with Facebook, but now it's time to dive deep into traffic and rise well above the rest.

We’re not gurus, we actually work for a living.

Like I said, Hernan, Mike, and I are in the lab working on real projects for actual clients each and every day. Our clients push us month after month to drastically lower CPAs (Cost Per Action) and exponentially increase campaign traffic.

To be honest, we really had to do some arm twisting to get him to even agree to hop on board for a few different reasons: (1) He is so slammed with his current clients that it’s hard to pull him away sometimes and (2) He really didn’t want this information getting out there.

It wasn’t until he saw what we were doing inside of WTT with our mass traffic and SEO tactics that he really saw how much good he can do for people by helping them tune their campaigns until they are running like a 2,000 horsepower drag car.

So What's Included in WTT?

  • Full Membership Area

    The members area is going to be chock full of beginner to advanced level Facebook, SEO, Traffic Generation, and Money Making training. New modules will be continually added so be prepared to learn.

  • Monthly Webinars

    We will be hosting 2 monthly webinars (broken up into Facebook and SEO/Traffic) where we will discuss the latest industry news as well as evaluate and tweak member’s campaigns live.

  • Over The Shoulder Campaigns

    You will be able to see exactly what we are doing as we record ourselves working over the shoulder and explaining every step of the way. This will allow you to see EXACTLY (step by step) how Hernan, Mike, and Brad are able to scale their campaigns to astronomical levels.

  • Advanced Money Making Techniques

    We’re done playing – it’s time to start making real money. We will be covering never before seen methods to help fill your pipeline, close deals, and actually start pulling in the paychecks you should be. Be prepared to be pushed because that is what you need.

  • Funnel Creation Workshops

    I love creating funnels because they provide a simple way to maximize your revenue from SEO and Facebook ads. I’ll be hosting workshops on how to properly set up simple funnels designed to do one thing – SELL!

Facebook Scaling Done Right!

Hernan is better than anyone I know at generating highly effective (low cost clicks for high yielding offers) Facebook ads, but where he truly excels well beyond the rest (aside from being able to bring his info down to earth and REALLY teach this stuff) is scaling his ad budgets while still maintaining a very profitable campaign. And he is finally ready to teach this in an over the shoulder, step by step environment within the WTT members area.

Start learning from the true experts now!

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Tyler Davis Tyler Davis, Amazon Selling Expert

Beyond Excited - I'm finally seeing the potential power and holy crap this is going to be awesome!

Marco Benavides Marco Benavides, Semantic Mastery

Simply the Best! Mike Pearse is the best technical SEO in the industry today. This guy knows more about SEO than anyone else I know.

A virtually UNLIMITED amount of free traffic from SEO

Facebook is a tremendous avenue for generating a massive amount of traffic (and money) online, but it is just one tool you should be using. I am, and always have been, generating the bulk of my income through traffic generating sites driven by search engine optimization.

You see, once you’ve cracked the “SEO Code” and truly understand TTT (Trust, Traffic, and Theme) then SEO is too cheap and easy to implement for anyone NOT to use.

And that (along with streamlining everything within our agency) is what Mike and I have been focusing on for the last two and a half years - how can we rank and pull in as much traffic to our business as well as our clients with as little effort as possible?

And the answer has been quite simple – start with a solid understanding of what is working right now, develop a template that almost anyone can use, then wash and repeat. That’s it!

And that is exactly what Mike and I will be covering in WTT: how to streamline your day to day SEO and business tasks so you can accomplish more each and every day.

These are my results from just a few sites using my mini net double dipper method where I get clients to pay me twice. As I add more sites this number will only continue to go up.

Stop leaving money on the table each and every month...

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Never rely on outdated information again!

As you might or might know SEO and Facebook marketing are constantly evolving. The same tactics that worked two years ago (in either avenue) are more than likely not working now.  You shouldn’t be ranking and advertising like it’s 2012 anymore: You need to operate in 2019 and stay well ahead of the competition.

That’s the exact reason that we built Web Traffic Takeover to be a living, breathing organism that will continually adapt to the latest trends, patents, and updates.

With the webinars, over the shoulder series, and private FB group we’ll be able to walk with you through your journey - holding your hand every step of the way if needed.

So... join the takeover with us and take your agency to the absolute next level.

See you on the inside,

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We will be with you every step of the way...

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